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Little Cry of the Abyss~

B-but… HOW?! >.< I really don’t know waaaahhh Q.Q

First of all, thanks for your encouragement words I really feel like I need it *-* <3 Q.Q Because I really don’t know what to do >.< There are too many questions on my head, I’m sure if I made a list it would hurt your head but in short I guess I can say these *most important ones for me*

-Should I rp an original caharacter or official character? *I have original characters so trying one could be cool but also I don’t have much self-esteem Q.Q But official character also would be cool Q.Q*

-Which fandom?! Q.Q *this may be the most important one* I really have NO idea about this. I love lots of anime/manga shows, so I really can’t decide Q.Q 

-Also I’ve been rping for about 4 years, but none of them were English -so… I’m not really sure if I can handle English ones. But this one isn’t too much issue because I also want to rp for improving my own English, still… I guess I’ll have pretty hard time while describing my character. Or while answering RPs… Oh. I’m scared a bit >.<